Case Studies

There were several high-profile cases in 2017 where poor vision was a factor in fatal accidents.

In March 2017, a Sutton Coldfield pensioner, John Place, was sentenced to four years in prison for killing three-year-old Poppy Arabella Clarke as she crossed the road with her mother, Rachel. He told police that he had not seen the red light or the pelican crossing. Place had previously been advised by his optician that his vision was not adequate to continue driving but chose to ignore the advice.

Peter Scriven was jailed for three years after killing a 65 year old pedestrian in November 2017. He had never been for an eyesight test, was blind in one eye and when tested, could only read a number plate at a distance of no more than three metres.

Newport man, Nigel Sweeting, 50, was jailed in May 2017 after colliding with a motorcyclist on the M4. He had been advised not to drive by his optician in the months leading up to the accident.