Direct action to reduce road accidents caused by drivers with defective vision.

Sign our petition for compulsory, regular vision screening for all drivers.

You can lose up to 40% of vision before you notice a problem. Learn what to look out for.

The Driving Blind Campaign is petitioning the Government to take direct action to significantly reduce road accidents caused by drivers with defective vision, a behaviour pattern linked to 3,000 casualties every year.

A national campaign to stop UK motorists ‘driving blind’ is being launched with support from MPs, opticians and community activists. Shockingly, drivers in the UK can pass their test without having a full examination to prove their eyes are roadworthy and drive for the rest of their lives unpoliced.

The Driving Blind Campaign follows a high-profile case in March 2017, when Sutton Coldfield pensioner John Place was jailed for killing three-year-old Poppy-Arabella Clarke at a pelican crossing as she crossed the road with her mother, Rachel. He told police that he had not seen the red light or the pelican crossing and had previously been advised to stop driving by an optician.

The #DrivingBlind Manifesto:

A solution is offered in the Road Safety Starts with Good Vision Manifesto, which will be presented in the House of Commons. It requires new drivers to be vision tested and certified by an optician, with follow-up tests every decade up to the age of 70, and then every three years.

Prevention and care

There are several ways to help driving and prevent hazards causing accidents

You shouldn’t be driving a car, lorry or motorcycle if your vision does not meet the standards of vision for driving.

Answer these simple questions to check if you’re at risk of #DrivingBlind and find out what you can do to see clearly again.

Approximately 3,000 casualties occurred in the UK due to drivers having poor vision.

#DRIVINGBLIND news and views

Viscount Simon – Driving Blind is a political issue

As signatures for the Driving Blind petition near a milestone 3,000 – the same number as that of annual casualties caused by drivers with defective vison - it becomes apparent that the British public is serious about making roads safer by stopping people driving blind. In my role as vice chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Transport Safety, I’ve championed the benefits of roads…

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I’ve signed the say NO petition and urge opticians to do it

Fiona Anderson, president of the International Opticians Association says, "I wholeheartedly support this campaign & have already gone online & signed the petition & would urge my fellow opticians to do the same. Any lives saved as a result of this initiative is a huge bonus. It is estimated around 3,000 casualties of road traffic accidents in the United Kingdom can be attributed to…

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Drivers need good peripheral vision, as optometrist Mike Killpartrick explains.

Peripheral vision is a critical factor in a driver’s ability to judge the full extent of their surroundings, including hazards. Yet it is effectively neglected in the UK’s antiquated driving test. It’s mentioned as ‘field of vision’ on the website under information on drivers’ vision standards information. It says that this can be tested by opticians. So what is it? We do not use our…

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DVLA are tilting at windmills with helpful tips, says Nigel Corbett, Driving Blind campaign manager

The new DVLA campaign on drivers’ vision means well but could it lull drivers into a false of security, and let the Department of Transport think they’ve ticked the box for road safety vision this year? On the face of it, DVLA reminding the public of the number plate test as “a quick and easy way to check they meet the minimum eyesight requirements for driving” is helpful. They remind drivers…

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Self-reporting is not fit for purpose says Neil Worth of GEM Motoring Assist

Road safety professionals are forever developing innovations to keep people safe on the roads. The Safe Systems approach is one such, offering real benefits. At its heart is the understanding that everybody makes mistakes that result in collisions. This sounds simple but when you add it to the need to mitigate the effects of collisions, the response to them and a shared responsibility from road…

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Bath residents and MP say NO to #Driving Blind

Wera Hobhouse MP rallies Bath to support petition  I’m supporting the Driving Blind petition for statutory vision screening for drivers.  Bath and North East Somerset is the launch pad for an entirely new movement of people saying #Say NO to Driving blind, which I take great pride in. If you care about road safety, please join me in Milsom Street on Friday July 27th, in the area near GAP between…

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