The Driving Blind petition for statutory periodic vision screening for all drivers is winning support from cyclists and their pressure groups, as we always knew it would.

We even see it turning into an entire new movement to #Say NO to Driving blind.

It’s not before time.  UK regulations for drivers’ eye-sight are among the weakest in Europe and rely on self-regulation and reporting. Road safety should start with good vision yet in the UK we let drivers pass their test without having a full exam to prove their eyes are roadworthy and then drive for the rest of their lives unpoliced.

Campaign manager Nigel Corbett is generating political support for his Road Safety Starts with Good Vision Manifesto, which calls for new drivers to be vision tested and certified, with follow-up tests over their driving lives.

The statistical evidence is overwhelming.  Surveys have shown that many motorists who suspect their eye-sight is inadequate, continue to drive.  Other studies have shown there are 3,000 road casualties on UK roads each year where poor vision is a key factor.  The World Health Organisation says poor eyesight a key risk factor in road crashes

With fatal accidents involving poor vision and cyclists clearly in the firing line, we cannot rely on public education to change behaviour patterns. We need to come into line with other countries.

We believe that under the weight of public support and expert opinion, UK politicians could be poised to make a road safety step-change.

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