You shouldn’t be driving a car, lorry or motorcycle if your vision does not meet the standards of vision for driving.

The best way to test your vision is to get a full eye examination at an optician.

A full eye exam does not only test your vision but your optician will also check the health of your eye and possible identify other health risks such as diabetes, glaucoma and cancerous cells or tumours. This is why it is so important to have a regular eye exam.

A regular eye exam is simple and lasts roughly 30 minutes.

There are many parts of your vision an optician will examine; visual acuity, duochrome, astigmatism, distance vision, abnormalities in your retina, whether you are colour blind and the health of your eye.

For a quick and simple way to test your eyes before driving why not try the following.

Look in your bathroom mirror cover one and look at your own face, now do the same with the other eye. Do you notice any blurs or differences between each eye, if so you should get to an optician for a full eye exam.

Why not your test your eyes each morning before driving and find a car roughly 20 metres away and see if you can read the number plate, if you can’t then it’s time for you to have a full eye examination.